Arkeolojik Sit Alanlarının Değerlendirilmesi Ve Koruma Sorunları: Manisa – Sardis Örneği




Archaeological sites, which carry the traces of the past to the present with their values, are the areas accepted as the memory places of the geography they located. Archaeological sites have different dynamics with regard to their location, physical, geographical, cultural characteristics. So, each of them should be treated as unique cases with their own Dynamics as far as their construction periods, settlement properties and actual conditions are concerned. These areas, which have witnessed history since the day they were established, also cause irreversible damages due to demographic growth, industrial movements, and problems related to the quality of the material, time, natural and atmospheric conditions as well as changing environmental issues. Ensuring the preservation of archaeological sites and the continuity of this understanding is a must in transferring these areas to future generations. The main aim of this research is to create an inventory by documenting the natural and cultural values of the Sardis Archaeological Site and developing suggestions for the protection and evaluation of the area as a cultural heritage site.

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