The Role Of Semi-Public Spaces Of Eating-Drinking Establishments In The Community Life Of Cypriot Maronites Facing Extinction



This paper examines the role of semi-public spaces of eating-drinking establishments in community life, attending to the everyday encounters within their interiors. The study focuses on the unique case of the Cypriot Maronites, which is an ethnic minority community at the verge of extinction, and presents an analytical framework addressing the social, emotional, and physical dimensions of semi-public spaces of establishments in resisting the total collapse of their community. Thus, establishments are observed as potential sites that serve the purpose of raising awareness and creating a continued presence for an endangered community. The research takes a qualitative approach with the grounded theory analysis method, utilizing observation sessions and in-depth interviews with managers and local and non-local customers of the establishments. Results indicate that these semi-public spaces of eating-drinking establishments function as repositories of social relations and have evolved into communicative mediums, fulfilling the needs for expression of individuals and community.


Keywords: semi-public spaces, eating-drinking establishments, interior, community life, Cypriot Maronite community facing extinction.  

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