Revitalization of Cultural Values in Urban Landscape through Street Trees Design



The aim of this research is to demonstrate the application of the cultural motifs in the landscape design of a historical area through revitalization. The area of the study was under pressure of redevelopment of the main street with the destruction of the old linear trees in the central paths. The main objective of the design arranged to vitalize the cultural values of the inhabitants through the application of the local trees in the landscape project. The methodology of the research was based on the qualitative method with the application of structured observation, photography, sketching, site and graphical analysis. The finding of the research revealed that some of the local fruit trees included values for the inhabitants such as cultural, economic, and social that traditionally were applied in the roads for the sheltering importantly Mulberry and Jujube. The trees applied in the landscape design project to form an urban green network for social interaction. Vitalization of the original character of the area through the application of deciduous trees was in the line with the sustainability and cultural values factors of the inhabitants in the design process. 

Keywords: Landscape Design, Deciduous Fruit Trees, Vitalization, Cultural Values, Sustainability   

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