Fostering Creative Cognition In Design Education: A Comparative Analysis Of Algorithmic And Heuristic Educational Methods In Basic Design Education

Zeynep Çiğdem UYSAL ÜREY


This research aims to examine the impact of algorithmic and heuristic educational methods on the development of the creative cognition of students in Basic Design education. The impact of educational methods in the development of creativity and creative problem-solving ability in design education has been addressed by a limited number of studies. The impact of algorithmic and heuristic educational methods in Basic Design education, on the other hand, has not been studied yet. In order to investigate this impact, this research conducts both a systematic theoretical review and a qualitative analysis. The systematic theoretical review has been conducted both in the studies of design cognition and creativity and also in the studies of design education. The qualitative analysis, on the other hand, has been carried out in the first-year Basic Design studio with an attempt of making a comparison between algorithmic and heuristic educational methods. The analysis was made respectively on the pre-final projects of Fall 2016-2017 semester, which was carried out by means of an algorithmic educational approach, and Fall 2017-2018 semester, which was carried out in line of heuristic educational method. In light of the literature review, it was hypothesized that heuristic method would support the ability of students to deal with the uncertainties of design process by themselves and would affect the creativity levels of projects in a positive way. The results of the comparative analysis confirmed this hypothesis and have shown that the students who were instructed heuristically showed more exploratory behavior and were able to generate more novel solutions than students who were instructed algorithmically. Consequently, these results imply that the heuristic method, both in design problem solving and education, appears as a unique aspect of architectural education, which makes it valuable in the quest of dealing with the complexities and uncertainties of the profession.


Keywords: Design cognition, creativity, algorithmic method, heuristic method, basic design education.

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