Presence Of Culture In Architectural Education: A Case Study Of METU School Of Architecture

Yasira Naeem PASHA




The paper focuses on the relationship of Architectural education and culture. While holding their distinctive backgrounds, these both entities are interconnected to each other. This study intends to explore some aspects of this connection through two main tools; firstly, the curriculum which is a structured way to disseminate knowledge in contemporary times, and secondly, structured questionnaires for faculty and students separately that are used as a source of primary data collection. The conceptual framework identifies cultural sensitivity as a potential mean to assess the status of culture in architectural education through curriculum. The study involves quantitative methodology using a case study approach and an objectively selected sample of faculty and students. The conclusions depict that culturally sensitive content is present in the curriculum is spread over the duration of course for B.Arch. However, the inclusion is oversimplified in the process of dissemination of architectural knowledge. While culture is well integrated in the curriculum, it has a potential to be presented and taught as a significant content in the curriculum. Moreover, the understanding of culture in faculty and students strengthens the fact that cultural aspects are potential for integration and application in architectural education process. This study is significant for architectural academia as culture is translated to the society through the curriculum based model taught in architectural schools and then applied to the society to create built environment. Therefore, it is likely that if the status of cultural aspects present in the curricula of architectural schools is explored, that may affect the understanding of architecture itself and lead to a context relevant and culturally sensitive approach in society and ultimately culturally sensitive built environment.    


Key words: Architectural Education, Culture, Curriculum, Built environment.

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