“Zamanı Gelmişti!”: Başkent Ankara’nın İlk On Yılı Üzerine Bir Sergi Ve Bir Kitap

Melis ACAR, Azize Elif YABACI


“Bir Şehir Kurmak: Ankara 1923-33”, which is one of the researchs on the Republican capital Ankara, is an exhibition and a book. The book, which is the permanent product of the exhibition, and the research, which we hope will come and continue, tells the story of many and other Ankara(s) in different layers, contrary to the depictions of the stereotyped Republican Ankara we are accustomed to seeing. The research hosted by the exhibition and the book benefits from the various possibilities of written and visual media. A new archive was added to the old archives of Ankara postcards, thanks to this research; but even more, the concept of “non-existent postcards” in the exhibition and the book seems to pave the way for other possible Ankara studies. With the informative material of this intensive research, a virtual modeling of Yenişehir region of Ankara in the first decade of it being the capital was produced. Above all, the products of this research questions the gaps rather than filling them, and describe the old with the new rather than aggrandizing the old. It is not a complete research or a product, but anticipating and desiring to built an Ankara from 1923-1933”.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4305/metu.jfa.2020.1.11


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