Osmanlı Evleri Üzerine Yeniden Düşünmek: 18. Yüzyıldan Dahiliyeli-Hariciyeli Beş İstanbul Evi Örneği

Hatice Gökçen ÖZKAYA




By means of increasing of the researchers referring to the Ottoman written documents, Ottoman houses have been re-evaluated with a critical approach and we have encountered variety of the houses which cannot be idealized. Based on this point of view, this paper aims to make contribution to this area by using Ottoman archive documents –in this paper, these documents are Ahkam registers between the years of 1742 and 1765– and focusing on five examples of houses represented in these registers and examining each of them individually. By this way, each house with its users, neighbours, dimensions and space components will be handled as a whole. The examples were selected among the similar type of houses, all of them are with two sections called as dahiliye and hariciye. Despite this similarity between the houses, when comparing with each other, each of them has particular situations, different characteristics and components and also diversified spatial relationships. This is very important and necessary to remark that every house has a particular story and history and ultimate goal of this paper is to point out this situation. That is because, for beginning to think and discuss about these houses, differences, diversities and exceptional cases also contribute a lot to the literature in addition to the general characteristics and similarities.


Furthermore, nevertheless the houses with the sections of dahiliye and hariciye are frequently encountered types of houses in Ottoman archival documents and also a lot of researches about this issue, they remain mystery. So, here, it is also aimed to begin a discussion about this compartmentalization, why these sections are named differently as dahiliye and hariciye and how space configurations of each sections are in every house.


Keywords: House, Istanbul, 18th century, Dahiliye, Hariciye

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4305/metu.jfa.2018.1.13


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