Inspiration, Guidance And Justification: An Interactive Information System To Assist Design Decisions With User Research Data



Design activity can be hindered by several communication barriers that exist between the designer and the other stakeholders. To overcome these barriers, designers can utilise user-research outputs. In this regard, designers look to user-research results to inspire decisions by providing interpretable outputs, to guide decisions by pointing out possible directions and supporting their arguments and providing justification for their decisions for the persuasion of others. These impacts can be achieved if user research findings are communicated effectively to the designers. In this paper, an interactive information system is introduced that has been developed for the delivery of the results of user research. The core function of the system is to provide inspiration and guidance to the designer, while also assisting them in justifying their decisions. After presenting such a system, the aim is to discuss the requirements for the communication of user research that can be considered while designing future communication media. Positive feedback has been received from the collaborating firm, which used the system, regarding how the system provides guidance through the successful conveyance of multi-dimensional data.

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