The Use Of Incentives In Fostering Green Buildings



The applicability of the most common green building incentive models is explored by taking Turkey as a case. The particular requirements of their effective implementation, difficulties and opportunities are identified through interviews with local governments. Results reveal that marketing assistance and expedited review/permitting incentives are the most favorable options in the low or no-cost structural incentives category. Despite the bias against the implementation of financial incentives in developing countries due to the scarcity of financial resources, respondents held a favorable opinion of awards and fee reduction. The incentive model about which the interviewees raised the most serious concerns was the density and height bonuses. In this regard, the applicability of density and height bonus incentive in historical zones evoked concerns and criticism. It has also been shown that while solutions were available for intradepartmental organizational problems, the lack of coordination between governmental institutions and in particular the conflicts between local and general regulations remain as the most serious problems to be resolved.

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