Usage Of Design Thinking Tactics And Idea Generation Strategies In A Brainstorming Session



A brainstorming session was conducted with 13 designer participants following the issuing of the project brief, during which the participants explored the problem area, determined the main design concept, and identified solution areas for which they generated design ideas. The documentation of the session was thematically analysed to identify the design thinking tactics and idea generation strategies that the participants used. As a result of the analysis, twelve design thinking tactics were identified, grouped under the main tactic themes of involving personal experiences, solution-oriented analysis of the problem, and technical analysis of the brief. Also, sixteen idea generation strategies were identified, grouped under the main strategy themes of combination multipacks, types of packaging, protection, visibility, display, and reuse. Tactics were used for generating solution-oriented discussions, and led to the early identification of the main concept, which was combination multipacks. Strategies were used for idea generation, and led to the collective determination of the project objectives, which were identified as marketing, sustainability and user-product interaction. Overall, the discussions in the brainstorming session took place as an exploration of the main design concept in terms of the project objectives, resulting in the identification of various solution areas by the end of the session.

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